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BSc. In Computer and Communication engineering, from Rafik Harriri University (prev. Harriri Canadian University), Lebanon.

 M. Eng. in Analytical Instruments, Measurement and Sensor technologies, from HS Coburg, Germany.


Current affiliations:

Research associate at the Institute for Microsensors, Actuators and Systems, University of Bremen, Germany.

Research assistant (on temp. leave) and PhD student at the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsensors, Johannes Kepler University, Austria.


Project description:

The project is aimed at creating a micro-fluidic cell separation device, for transferring circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from lymph to heavy water (deuterium oxide), because of the latter’s less absorbent nature to infra-red(IR) light. The device is to be later integrated in an IR chromatograph.  Expected accomplishments include the realization of the separation device, which will be a micro-fluidic H- filter device. The end device is to be integrated in the optical path of the IR chromatograph, and thus the material used for building the final device has to be IR transparent. The separation of the CTCs between lymph and heavy water will be encouraged using dielectrophoresis (DEP) and/or acoustic waves.



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