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List of PhD Theses

Emanuel Weber, University of Bremen, IMSAS

Defense: October 7, 2014.

Title: Optofluidic components for biomedical applications.




Franziska K. Uhlenbrock, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Defense: December 3, 2014.

Title: ULBP2 not just like another NKG2D ligand.

Subtitle: New insights into the cell-surface transport regulation of the NKG2D ligand ULBP2.



Azeem Zulfiqar, Technical University Denmark

Defence: August 31, 2015

Title: Novel Diagnostic Method for Personalized Treatment of Cancer.




Daniela Pucciarelli, Medical University of Vienna

Defence: September 3, 2015

Title: The effect of hypoxia on the treatment of melanoma.



Joanna Obacz,  Slovak Academy of Sciences

Defence: February 17, 2016

Title: Investigation of AGR3 protein function and mechanisms triggering its expression in cancer cell.




Andrea Pfreundt, Technical University Denmark

Defence: March 2, 2016

Title: Functionalization and microfluidic integration of silicon nanowire biologically gated field effect transistors