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B. Sc. Biology (Aachen University, Germany)

M. Sc. Molecular Biology and Immunology (Uppsala, Sweden)


Project description

Regulation and expression of NKG2D ligands on transformed cells

The induction of membrane-bound NKG2D ligands on stressed and neotransformed cells is important for immune recognition mediated by NKG2D. Today, however, it is known that tumors expressing NKG2D ligands can still progress in fully immune competent patients because tumors can alter their NKG2D expression or they produce soluble NKG2D-ligands in order to escape from the immune recognition.The Project focuses on discovering the regulative mechanism of NKG2D ligands as well as the re-establish detection of transformed cells through NKG2D ligand expression by certain pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.



Copenhagen University:

PhD introduction course, KU Copenhagen, November 14-18, 2011

The immune system in health and disease II, KU Copenhagen, May 30, 2012

Scientific/academic writing, KU Copenhagen, June 26-29, 2012

Marie Curie courses:

Courses from Network meeting in Basel March 2012

Courses from Network meeting in Bratislava and Vienna September 2012

Courses from Network meeting in Copenhagen January 2013

Courses from Network meeting in Delft September 2013

Courses from Network meeting in Basel March 2014

Courses from Network meeting in Copenhagen August 2014

Label free sensing, summer school, DTU Denmark, August 12-23, 2013

International courses:

Spring School Immunology, DGFI Germany, March 10-15, 2013

Summer School: Update and New Concepts in Basic and Translatinal Immunology, SSI Reykjavik, June 11, 2014




Technical University Copenhagen, Denmark

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia


Xensor Delft, The Netherlands



Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia, November 12-30, 2012

Medical University of Vienna, Austria, December 3-7, 2012

Technical Unoversity Denmark, Denmark, November-December 2013




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2. Uhlenbrock, F., Hagemann-Jensen, M., Kehlet, S., Andresen, L., Pastorekova, S., and Skov, S. (2014) The NKG2D Ligand ULBP2 Is Specifically Regulated through an Invariant Chain-Dependent Endosomal Pathway. J Immunol 193, 1654-1665


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Network Meetings

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 25-28, 2014

Basel, Switzerland, March 18-21, 2014

Delft, The Netherlands, September 23-26, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark, January 14-17, 2013

Vienna, Austria, September 25-26, 2012

Basel, Switzerland, March 26-27, 2012