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B.Sc. Physics (University of Ctania, Italy)

M.Sc. Physics (Structure of Matter Physics, University of Catania, Italy)


Project Description

Infrared spectroscopy, based in the interaction of infrared light with matter, is a well-established technique for the identification of organic molecules. In the last decade, many efforts have been made by the scientific community to apply infrared spectroscopy techniques such as Raman and Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) for cancer detection and investigation. Although promising and brilliant outcomes have been obtained in bio-applications, these techniques require expensive and time-consuming machines hard to be used by non-specialized personnel. Aim of my phd project would be to overcome the aforementioned drawbacks by introducing a trustable, easy-to use, cost-effective sensor for biomedical applications. 

 The measuring methods that I´m investigating is based on shifts of CH2- and CH3-symmetric/antisymmetric stretch ratios in lipid molecules.The requirement of such a sensing system comes out from the need to support medical doctors and pathologists in tissue investigations to prevent possible false positive and negative responses from standard H&E staining procedure. From preliminary tests on cell lines, this sensing method showed up as an auspicious and encouraging technique to be exploited in the detection of cancer cells on biopsies.



"A biopsymeter to support the diagnostic procedure of skin samples",  lecture presentation to SPIE 2015 Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

IEEE Sensors 2013, 3-6 November Baltimore, US, Lecture Presentation, “Biopsy Analsyis Using a Quadruple Infrared Sensor


Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Vienna, december 1, 2014 - December 5,  2014

Technical University of Vienna (TU) and Medical University of Vienna (MUW), Vienna, February 18, 2013 - March 1,  2013


Other events

Poster session at the MC-ITN EngCaBra meeting, University of Bremen, February 24, 2015

Poster presentation, visit of Binghamton University New York, May 27-28, 2014



Courses from Network meeting in Copenhagen August 2014

Courses from Network meeting in Basel March 2014

Courses from Network meeting in Delft September 2013

Courses from Network meeting in Copenhagen January 2013

"Microfluidics Devices”, University of Bremen, 2013
"Introduction to Microtechnology”, University of Bremen, 2013


Summer Schools

Technical University of Denmark, PhD Summer School: Micro- and Nanotechnology for label-free Sensing 2013, August 12-23, 2013


Network Meetings

Bremen, Germany, February 23-24, 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 25-28, 2014

Basel, Switzerland, March 15-18, 2014

Copenhagen, Denmark, January 14-17, 2013

Delft, Netherlands, September 23-26, 2013




Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia